Happy Birthday, DVLUP! #TwoYearsOld

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Happy Birthday DVLUP! What on the seventh heaven is DVLUP?

It is a program that was initated by Nokia (now owned by Microsoft) to help developers particularly in Windows platform (Nokia Android and Symbian too) creating a wonderful apps.


Image: blog.dvlup.com

Image: blog.dvlup.com

I joined DVLUP on June 2013 under the name of abangfadli. It was not available yet in Indonesia at that time so I registered with US as my country. But it is now, and in fact DVLUP is available worldwide.

I was trying to find something to start earning points in DVLUP, so I made a simple app called SynTonyms that is used to search for synonyms and antonyms of a word. In the following weeks, I started to create more apps called Today’s Word, On The Other Side, iHere, CamRoll Importer and others. Worth to mention that Today’s Word get reviewed by WPCentral (now Windows Central) and I get boost on reviews and downloads.


My favorite challenge is quality challenge. A challenge that requires your app to have reviews in particular numbers with 4.5+ stars average. As far as I can remember, the 1000+ quality challenge worth 5000 XP and PTS once (I missed that time), but now it just 1000 for both XP and PTS. so I earned quite a lot XP (things that made you rank in the leaderboard, and yes, DVLUP has leaderboard) and PTS (things that can be used to redeem rewards) because that review by WPCentral.

There are lot of challenges in DVLUP and to be honest, some (or even all!) of my apps are inspired from the challenge they gave!


After doing hard work, you deserved some rewards, yes? That’s what PTS for. I redeemed my first device from DVLUP, which is Lumia 520 and then ultimately my favorite phone, Lumia 1020 for 15.000 PTS. I also redeemed for couple of things such as VSERV ads credit, Steam Wallet (I got my Dota2 hero’s fancy costumes, thanks to DVLUP), Windows Phone Store Token, Promotion for my apps in store, and many others. Those rewards are worth it.

Best App with DVLUP

My best app with DVLUP is PhotoMic which is also my latest creation. It started with a challenge called “Comic with friends” where I was challenged to create an app using Nokia Imaging SDK to make a comic from photos. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to submit on time. I don’t lose hope, though. Even though the app is not done and the challenge is over, I decided to complete the app and finally submit it to the store. I don’t expect it to be a hit, but surprisingly, as I keep updated the app with more features and contents, it get reviewed by Windows Central! And it now become my #1 downloaded app with more than 200 people buying the PRO feature. It is also #3 best app by rating here in Indonesia Store! All of that because of simple challenge from DVLUP.

So, happy birthday DVLUP. Hope you bring more challenges to the table! And hopefully the quality challenge PTS and XP turned back as how it was as it is more expensive on the rewards here in Indonesia, particularly in the devices :(

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