First Semester At President University

Assalamu’alaikum :)

Pheeww…., I probably should write this article in English since my campus uses English as its main language. Well, this is the last day from my Final Exam that lasted for 5 days.

Finally, I can enjoy my semester holiday. Unlike most Universities in Indonesia, President University just give 2 weeks to its students to enjoy their semester holiday. But it can be tolerated since I am scheduled to graduate within 3 years and 4 month.

I am majoring in IT (Information Technology) in President University. I really enjoyed studying it here, since I like computer and programming stuff. The subjects wasn’t so hard to be mastered if we want to practice and keep trying. In the first semester, I took 7 subjects, Calculus, English (I), English (II), Introduction To IT, Introduction To Web Design, Programming Concept and Physic.

My favorites are Programming Concept and Introduction To Web Design, I don’t like Physic but I don’t hate it.

In my Programming Concept class, at first we were taught about Java Programming Language, and then some C++ syntax. On the mid semester test, we were asked to make a program that would solve the quadratic roots. Which is using abc formula from Senior High School. But the problem was, the lecturer also wanted us to produce imaginary roots which is not being taught anymore in Senior High School, so most of all students can’t do the imaginary part.

In the final examination, we are asked to make a program that would list days that we wanted to in the gap of two dates. For example, we want to show how many Friday(s) between December 1st, 2011 to December 31st, 2011. And somehow, I managed to make it, but it was quite haaaaard. Believe me. :nohope:

For Intro to Web Design, we were taught about HTML, CSS, and some VBScript. Although the method that the lecturer used to teach us was something like this:

Taught us some of HTML tags, maybe just the basic like font, paragraph and table. Then, we were asked to search ALL (yes, all) HTML tags in internet and make the summary about those tags in Microsoft Word.
Well, HTML tags was not too much, but the worst haven’t come yet. We should make the same assignment to all CSS properties. Which is around 189 properties. :nohope:

English class was fun also, there was a rule that stated, “If you talk 1 word in other languages than English, you must stand up for 15 minutes.” The student was forced to talk in English, but it have a good impact. Our lecturer is funny too, he gave us many riddles before we start our class to tease our brain.

There was also event called “Student Resident Challenge.” It was fuuuuun !! My dorm (E4) won second place in Fun Bike, and won the first place in Mini Soccer, and I was one of the players in the mini soccer, It made me soo proud because we won :D

And yeah, I also got part time job in some English Course in the neighborhood, even though the sallary is not big, but it is not a problem, and I get so many experiences from it :)

I enjoyed it studying here :)

Homesick? Yes, I felt that a little at the first time, but the feelings gone as time goes by. I met new friends from many parts of Indonesia, such as Jambi, Palu, Padang and so many others. Not only domestic friends, I also got some friends from Vietnam, London, China etc. It is a wonderful things in here :)

If you are planning to study here, make your mind. Once you are sure about it, don’t hestitate !! Enroll!!

See you PresUniv on the next Semester :D

NOTE: I know there are a looooot of mistakes in my grammar, I am still practicing my written English, so Correct My Words if it wrong. :D

Wassalamu’alaikum, AFB :kr

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Ahmad Fadli Basyari

Mahasiswa IT di President University. Memiliki hobi membuat aplikasi mobile, blogging dan menonton film.

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  1. GaL says:

    Tampilan barunya menarik…
    Sekolah yang rajin ya dek :D

    Join Fan Pages VIVAlog
    Best Regards, Gal’s

  2. Fajar says:

    kak, bedanya teknik informatika sama information technology (teknologi informasi yang ada di PresUniv) itu apa ya kak?

  3. Mau nanya nih. kira2 kalau udah lulus di presuniv gampang cari kerjanya enggak sih? soalnya saya mau langsung dapat kerja setelah kuliah. saya alhamdulillah lulus tes beasiswa untuki jurusan electrical engineering. makasih, ngomong2 email saya: [email protected] saya mau nanya2 banyak soal presuniv, soalnya masih mikir2 soal biayanya. Makasih

    • Mau kuliah di mana aja kalo masalah cari kerja balik ke diri masing2 bro :)
      Sekarang kita nya sendiri niat apa enggak?

      Kalo dari PresUniv, rata-rata banyak yang dapet kerja setelah lulus sih. Bahkan kemarin dapat kabar ada alumni yang baru lulus tahun lalu, setelah kerja setahun jadi Junior Manager. Tapi ada juga yg belum kerja. Jadi kembali ke masing2 :)

  4. Riska says:

    Ka ada id line? Boleh share?

  1. January 29, 2012

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