2012. A Quick Review…

Assalamu’alaikum :)

Happy New Year to whoever reading this :) This time, I want to share all big things that happened to me throughout 2012.


The best thing that happens to me in 2012 was happened in February 2012, when IdBlogNetwork choose me as 1 of 2 blogger representative to join a Start Up Asia that were held in Singapore. Not only attending the Start Up event, but IdBlogNetwork also invited me to play with them in the Universal Studio Singapore. In Singapore, I became more friendly with Mbak Rika, Mas Kukuh, Mas Jarot, Mas Radit and Risman (The other blogger). It is an unforgettable memory. Ever!

I have some articles regarding to this events.

  • First Article : I am telling you how I can be chosen as one of the representatives
  • Second one : The story and all my experiences in riding various rides in Universal Studio Singapore
  • Third Article : The main event, Start Up Asia
  • Forth Article : How is the night situation in my rent house environment.


It is not a good things that happened to me in March, but this is the first time that I broke up with my girlfriend, Rissa, since we started hanging out together August 2010. Not long from the broke-up date, we got back together :)


Well,well.. in June, something big happened. I win a little competition in my campus, President University, by making a Windows Phone game namely Brain Math. By that, I won a Nokia Lumia 710 from Microsoft Indonesia. Thanks :)


August 27, it was the second anniversary with Rissa, and it has been 11 years since my father passed away.


I have 2 big things in September. First I got an invitation from IdBlogNetwork to join a discussion with UNDP Indonesia regarding climate change in Indonesia. You can view my report on that event in 2 of my posts.

Another thing, I have won Wiki Competition held by Nokia and I get Nokia Asha 311 and 303 as the prize. Also Nokia Asha 302 and Nokia Lumia 800 as “bonus” to myself for patiently waiting the promised device to arrive at my hand.


Many things happened at November,

First, my friends and I successfully ran the first external competition event by involving various highschools in Jabodetabek area.
Second, I broke up with Rissa (again….)
Third, I got an additional scholarship from President University.


It was my 19th birthday, and I got a very amazing birthday presents from my ex-girlfriend at that moment (Yes, I am with her again now).
I also bought a new TV, Speaker and a cooling pad using the money I get from the additional scholarship (with approval of my mother, since technically my mother is the one that giving me the money)

Well, whatever happens in 2012. There were bad and good things. I just hope in 2013, things will get better. I can achieve more dreams and become a popular developer in IT world.

Happy new year :)

AbangFadli, out :cool:

Wassalamu’alaikum :kr

Ilmu jangan disimpan sendiri, bagikan ke teman-teman anda:



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